Draft SDIP-36: Art Basel Miami Beach 2022

Brief Authors: homerfan33
Project lead: homerfan33
Squad: Marketing
Creative approval: 0xgregory

Spend $10,500 to co-sponsor Squiggle events at Art Basel Miami Beach, which will enhance SquiggleDAO and Chromie Squiggle brand equity:

  1. $5,000 co-sponsor Squiggle party at NADA, alongside Art Blocks, Snowfro, and Venus over Manhattan
  2. $4,500 to co-host private happy hour with Proof Collective at Swan (members-only event for DAO members and Proof holders)
  3. $1,000 to co-sponsor a Squiggle-themed claw machine at NFT Now, alongside Art Blocks. Ledger has agreed to donate items for this activation as well.


  1. SquiggleDAO can enhance its brand and community by partnering with large organizations that share similar values.
  2. SquiggleDAO can provide value to DAO members by giving them exclusive access to a joint event with Proof Collective and free tickets to Art Basel Miami Beach


  • Snowfro - creator of Art Blocks and Chromie Squiggle
  • Art Blocks - the #1 platform for generative art and birthplace of the Chromie Squiggle
  • Venus over Manhattan - long-standing, respected gallery in traditional art world which has shown significant support for Chromie Squiggles in the past ~12 months
  • Proof Collective - the leading community of NFT collectors and artists
  • Ledger - state-of-the-art crypto wallet company that aims to be at the intersection of security and culture (also has a NFT fund that holds a Squiggle)

Art Basel Miami Beach
Art Basel Miami Beach is North America’s largest fine-art showcase. This year is the 20th anniversary and stands to be the largest ever. The fair will feature 283 participating galleries this year, 33 more than last year. NFTs are continuing to gain prominence at the festival, and the Squiggle is a logical entry point to NFTs for fine art collectors.

The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) is the definitive art organization dedicated to the cultivation, support, and advancement of new voices in contemporary art. It hosts the premier gallery exhibition at Art Basel Miami Beach November 30 - December 3. Venus over Manhattan will be displaying Chromie Squiggles inside the NADA gallery exhibition.

Outside the gallery there is a large lawn space for attendees to gather and mingle from 3-6pm on December 3. Art Blocks and Erick Calderon have been offered the opportunity to sponsor a Chromie Squiggle party on the lawn.

In return for the $25,000 sponsorship fee, NADA will:

  • Provide Squiggle-themed banners/signage and decorations at the event
    • All branded materials will include SquiggleDAO, Art Blocks, and Venus over Manhattan logos
  • Create and send a dedicated invitation for the special reception, to be received by Art Blocks/VoM/SquiggleDAO special guests and clients, as well as an agreed upon segment of NADA’s mailing list.
  • Incorporate SquiggleDAO into printed show guide and newartdealers.org. Opportunity for logo inclusion on printed show guide. Opportunity for inclusion in Online Viewing presentations on newartdealers.org.
  • Provide up to 300 tickets for SquiggleDAO members

NFT Now is on a mission to redefine how creators and their communities share in the value they create. They do this by showcasing trailblazers, empowering creators, and fostering community.

At Art Basel Miami Beach 2022 they are hosting The Gateway, a metropolis spanning 2 city blocks that will unite the web3 community. Art Blocks and Snowfro have chosen to have a claw machine activation at the event, with Chromie Squiggle-themed prizes. SquiggleDAO has opportunity to supply the claw machine with Squiggle and SquiggleDAO items.

Owned by Pharrell and Dave Grutman, Swan is an upscale, trendy bar and restaurant located in the heart of Miami’s Design District. Its location is easily accessible for Art Basel guests.

Our happy hour will be held at the Garden Bar, a private area exclusive for our event

Success Conditions

  1. SquiggleDAO included on all marketing materials for NADA Squiggle Party
  2. Squiggles and SquiggleDAO merchandise distributed at all events (SquiggleDAO can choose how much to give away)
  3. Positive response and excitement to SquiggleDAO and Squiggles at the events
  4. 50 people RSVP and 50 people attend happy hour at Swan
  5. Stronger relationship with Snowfro, Art Blocks, Venus over Manhattan, Proof Collective, and Ledger. All of these partners will be helpful in expanding the SquiggleDAO community and may partner to accrue value to DAO token holders


  1. $5,000 to co-sponsor Squiggle Lawn Party at NADA
  • Saturday, December 3, 3-6pm
  1. Snowfro is contributing $10k, Art Blocks $5k, VoM $5k
  • $4,500 to co-host happy hour at Swan
  1. Thursday, December 1, 3-5pm
  • F&B minimum of $9,000; Proof Collective is paying the other half $4,500
  • Maximum number of attendees: 50
  • Tokenproof provides QR codes to Proof Collective/SquiggleDAO members for entry
  1. $1,000 merchandise for claw machine prizes at NFT Now
  • Squiggle Stickers - leftover inventory from NFT NYC
  • SquiggleDAO hats - leftover inventory from NFT NYC
  • 33 pairs of Squiggle-themed Strideline premium socks (appx $800). Prelim design:
  1. 10 Ledger hardware wallets (donated by Ledger)
  2. Small plastic cups to hold prizes $200
  3. At least 6 Twitter posts to promote - with the each post having better-than-average likes and engagement than the average Twitter post in December
  • 2 posts before Squiggle Lawn Party
  • 3 posts before private happy hour, including two raffles/competition for spots
  • 1 post before NFT Now
  • 1 post recapping the activities
  1. Provide free tickets to the festival to all SquiggleDAO members


$10,500 in total:

  • $5,000 to co-sponsor Squiggle Party at NADA
  • $4,500 to co-host private happy hour with Proof Collective
  • $1,000 for merch/giveaways - stickers, toques, and other TBD items.


  • 1,000 $SQUIG to homerfan33 for organizing & leading
  • 1,000 $SQUIG to mabot for securing merch, organizing happy hour, attending all events, and taking pictures to capture for social media


  • Increased awareness and engagement with SquiggleDAO
  • Enhanced brand equity for SquiggleDAO by being at high-end art event alongside well-established co-sponsors

Supportive of this proposal! Being presented alongside ArtBlocks is important and valuable. Only small thing is, I wish the socks didn’t have the grey parts on the bottom, all white with just the SD logo would look cleaner Imo.

Sounds like a great idea!

supportive! great opportunity to partner at a premier event. the socks seems a little pricey but i think it makes sense for claw machine. is festival tickets for all dao holders an art basel ticket?

Co-hosting along Artblocks is great! I do think the socks are extremely pricey and that could be allocated elsewhere.

We have posted this to snapshot for vote in the treasury request snapshot. Snapshot