Meme Contest Phase 2 - posting in snapshot

SquiggleDAO Treasury Request

Meme Contest Phase 2

Brief Authors: fnkl

Project lead: fnkl

Squad: Community

Creative approval: 0xGregory


The Community Squad ran 4 weekly meme contests over the course of September/October to test the viability of this. This activation resulted in engagement from the community, new people joining the discord, and a plethora of memes being created for the DAO/Squiggle. We would now like to run the next phase (phase 2) of this contest for 6 weeks. We request 600 USDC for this endeavor to be made available from the Treasury Squad Discretionary fund.

Phase 1 of Meme Contest Review


This second phase of the meme contest will primarily focus on building engagement from current DAO members. We did see success during phase 1 of the contest by adding new members to the discord, but we have deemed that it is more valuable to build engagement of current members.

The DAO continues to lack in ways for members to engage. We want to build on the momentum of the past 4 weeks of the contest where people can engage with Squiggles in a fun and useful way. This participation will give people more to talk about when it comes to hanging out in the discord.

Memes are a great medium to convey humor/information to people but do not require skilled graphic design. If we could incentivize people to create this content for us, the DAO would have a constant flow of content to repurpose.

Using a contest format rewards the highest quality memes. Having a significant prize also incentivises creators who are good at creating memes but are not necessarily known to Squiggles, to get involved as well. Through the first 4 weeks of phase 1, we have learned valuable lessons on how to optimize the contest format as well.

A constant flow of quality memes would increase and create more cultural value for Squiggles.

Now is a great time to launch a program like this because we are in a bear market, a lot of creators have been bored with nothing to do. This gives both the opportunity for creative output and financial compensation to those people.

Success Conditions

Phase 2 of Contest (6 weeks)

  • 25 memes submitted to the contest per week
  • 150 total votes are cast at least per week
  • Discord engagement increases:
    • Visitors increases to 500+ per week (current avg is ~400)
    • Communicators increases to 25% per week (current avg is ~21%)


Phase 2 of the contest will continue on as phase 1 ends, with the ability to add more things, because we want to be able to add in more components as hunger for the contest grows.

Contest Overview:

The contest will run on a weekly basis Tuesday-Friday.

On Tuesday mornings the contest will be announced via Discord. There will be one theme (gm memes, christmas, market conditions, etc) in the announcement for people to use as guidance. The contest submission, voting, and winners, will all be handled through discord.

A submission period will take place from Tuesday morning to Thursday morning (pacific time). People can submit their memes into a new public channel (#meme-contest) that will not be gated. The channel will have slow mode enabled so that people cannot spam entries (1 entry per 10min). During this submission period, people will be encouraged to vote with thumbs up reactions for other memes.

On Thursday morning the channel permissions will change so that people can no longer submit memes. The Community Squad will then use a combination of their judgment and community reactions to pick the top 5 memes from the submission period (memes must follow all contest rules to be eligible). The top 5 memes will then be posted in a gated channel (#meme-votes) where only DAO members can vote using reactions to decide the weekly winner.

Then on Friday the voting period will be closed and the winner will be chosen based on whose meme got the most discord reactions (votes) from DAO members. The winner will be announced in the meme contest discord channel.

The winner will receive $100 USDC

Launch Details

The contest is already launched. Phase 2 will continue the rhythm already set in motion.


$600 USDC