SDIP 37: Authorization for funding NFT Project

Brief Authors: 0xgregory, sam

Project lead: sam

Squad: n/a

Creative approval: n/a


With SDIP-35 approved, we are now embarking on a new era for SquiggleDAO: An NFT community token. Switching token models is not easy, and a lot of work has gone into understanding how to do this in a way that is fair and provides us with a new token that members will be proud to own.

A critical step in our evolution, we feel that providing a rich user-experience for the upgrade process from ERC-20 to NFT was an important step in celebrating this transition and engaged VectorDAO in advance to get the ball rolling. This initial funding was provided by BSS members, but now that we are close to the finish line, we’d like to request funding from the DAO to pay for not only the work that VectoDAO has done, but also to complete the commission of our first artist, Ben, who has been working hard on a proof-of-concept design for the NFT card.

An approval of this SDIP will authorize paying for both the following items:

Cost Breakdown

NFT Art Commission Benben $3,500 USDC
NFT Swap UX/UI and deployment VectorDAO $40,000 USDC
ERC 20 to ERC 721 conversion website design (18k)
  • Stakeholder interview

  • Wireframe

  • Three visual design directions

  • Interaction prototype

  • Animation

  • Illustrations|
    |ERC 20 to ERC 721 conversion website front-end development (18k)

  • Website foundations (layout and content)

  • Interactions( button actions,navigation,wallet integration)

  • Animations (graphic animations,CSS transitions,scroll behavior)

  • Polish and handoff (decorative animations e .g.parallax,cardflips,iconshimmers)|
    |Project management (4k)

  • Timeline management and client check-in

  • Client communication

  • Creative asset exchange

  • Operational overhead (budgeting,payments,client support)|